Buckthorn Pickup Program

A big problem when removing buckthorn is figuring out what to do with all of the removed brush. To make things easier for residents, the City has developed programs to help dispose of cut buckthorn. There are two program options, the Neighborhood Pick up Program and the Large Lot Program. For the Neighborhood Pick up Program, any sized private property lot can apply, as long as three participating homeowners apply together. For the Large Lot Program, individual properties can apply but must have at least 1/3 acre of wooded area infested with mature buckthorn to qualify. If your application is selected, (determined prior to a removal event being scheduled) the City will pick up all of the buckthorn brush free of cost.

Overview of Program

City staff will review applications and if selected, your group or Men work to cut down limbs off treesproperty will be in charge of coordinating the buckthorn removal, stump treatment and stacking of the cut material near a pre-approved, accessible location. Since long-term brush piles are considered a City code violation, buckthorn brush can only be stacked on the curb up to 72 hours before the scheduled pick up. On the designated pick up day, the City will come by and pick up the cut buckthorn from the curbside. For the neighborhood pickup program, the number of households participating will be a major factor in selection. Each property counts as "one", no matter the number of participating residents in each household. A minimum of three participating homeowners is required to apply. Only one application is needed per neighborhood group. For the Large Lot Program, the overall size of the area where buckthorn will be removed will be the major factor in selection (must be at least 1/3 acre to qualify). The application deadline for both programs is July 31.

Full Program Rules

Find  Neighborhood Pick Up Program rules (PDF)

Find Large Lot Pick Up Program rules (PDF)

Apply for Buckthorn Pick Up Program

Click here to apply online for the Buckthorn Pick Up program  

Additional Program Materials

Flyer for group leaders to promote program (PDF)

Program Schedule

Date Program Task 
July 31stApplication deadline
Mid-AugustAnnouncements on applications made. If selected, you will have several weeks to notify the City of several preferred pick up dates (first come first serve).
August 31stLast day for groups to notify of preferred pickup date.
September 1st-October 31stBuckthorn removals must occur within this time frame. Pickup dates can be requested on any Monday.

Why was the Program Started?

The City recognizes the value of removing invasive species such as buckthorn from both public and private property. The City also recognizes the challenges that residents face when trying to find the right way to dispose of buckthorn brush once it has been cut down.

Since the City does not have the funds to support a citywide buckthorn pick up program, it has decided to use the Neighborhood Pickup program to help residents get rid of their buckthorn brush. The program will maximize available funds by encouraging homeowners who are active in their communities to work together to remove buckthorn. Making buckthorn removal a neighborhood project will help the long term success of buckthorn control. The less buckthorn in your neighbor's yard, the fewer seeds that will end up in your yard in the future. By concentrating on larger pick-ups that are centralized in one area, rather than smaller individual pick-ups spread across a large area, the City will increase the amount of buckthorn it is able to remove with the limited funding and resources available. The City expanded the pick up program in 2016 to include an option for larger lots, due to the increased environmental benefit possible when properties with larger lots remove buckthorn.

Would you like to remove buckthorn but don't wish to apply for one of the buckthorn pickup programs? If you have a vehicle in which you can haul buckthorn brush, the City compost pile will be open for public buckthorn brush drop-off during the last weekend of the month in June through September AND every weekend in October, free of charge. The compost facility will be opened between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. ONLY buckthorn brush will be accepted. Find exact dates and a map to the site. Contact for the Nominate Your Neighborhood Program

Email Caleb Ashling, Natural Resources Technician

Phone: 952-895-4543