Storm Drain Stenciling

Zena Roman projectWhat is storm drain stenciling?

Many residents do not know that storm drains, located on our roadways, drain directly to local ponds, rivers and lakes without any pre-treatment. This lack of understanding can lead people to dump hazardous materials down storm drains or use poor yard care practices that contribute to local pollution.

Storm drain stenciling helps get the word out, through painted stencils next to drains, that these drains are a direct connection to our waterways. Volunteers also will hand out stenciling door hangers in the area they work. The door hangers explain the project and how to dispose of hazardous waste properly.

Dump No Waste Drains to LakeHow does it work?

City staff will connect volunteers up with an area in need of stenciling. This is often in the volunteer's neighborhood or if that has already been done, in a nearby priority area. Volunteers will arrange a time to pick up a stenciling kit from the City maintenance facility. The kit will contain stencils, paint, safety equipment, instructions and all other materials needed for the project. A map will be included that shows the area to be stenciled and the locations of the storm drains. Volunteers will work on their own time to paint stenciled messages on the drains in the mapped area and to hand out door hangers. The stenciling kit can be kept for up to 4 weeks.

Who can stencil?

Stenciling can be done by individuals, families and as a large group project. Kids under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Most stenciling projects take a few hours but larger projects can be arranged.

When can I stencil?

The stenciling program typically runs June 1 - September 30. Large groups may be accommodated outside the normal program dates. Kits are usually available but occasionally volunteers will need to wait until a kit has been returned before they can start. Large groups should schedule their project as far in advance as possible so enough supplies can be set aside.

How do I sign up?

Submit a Project Request Form at least two weeks in advance of when you'd like to stencil. Staff will respond to your request and set up a specific timeline for you to volunteer.