Visit a City Natural Area

Several parks within the City of Burnsville are managed to support native plant habitats such as prairies and wetlands. These sites are actively managed to control invasive plants with prescribed burns and mowing. Below is a list of habitats and parks where you can explore them.


Open habitat of grasses and wildflowersAlimag prairie - big blue in prairie


Similar to prairie but with scattered treesTerrace Oaks savanna_thumb.jpg

  • Terrace Oaks Park - Oak savanna in northwest section of park, easily accessed from west entrance parking lot on County Road 11.
  • Kelleher Park - Large area of oak savanna with trails, accessible from parking lot at Burnsville Parkway.


Dominated by trees with understory of grasses and wildflowersWoodland at Terrace Oaks__thumb.jpg

  • Alimagnet Park - Many acres of woodland with trails. Easily accessible from multiple parking areas.
  • Kelleher Park - Paved and non-paved trails provide access to woodlands.
  • Crystal Lake West Park - Woodland trails accessible from boat launch area and from parking area along Maple Island Road.


Marshes, ponds and other watery habitatsKraemer wetlands_thumb.jpg

  • Cliff Fen Park - Woodchip trail from west parking lot leads to wetland.
  • Rudy Kraemer Nature Preserve - Gravel trail and boardwalk provide wetland views.
  • Sunset Pond - Large wetland encircled by trail with many opportunities for wildlife viewing. Many areas along lake also managed as prairie.
  • Earley Lake (Day Park) - Paved trail around lake provides wildlife viewing.

Video: Controlled Burns and Habitat Management