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2021 Residential & Business Surveys

At the City of Burnsville, we are committed to the quality of life for our entire community. We really want to know what we’re doing well and where we need to improve. Our 2021 resident and business surveys took a comprehensive look at your views of the City to help shape policies and priorities for Burnsville now and in the future.

Location, convenience, parks, community and affordability were words residents and business owners used to describe what they like best about Burnsville.

Survey results illustration

A Quick Look at Key Residential Survey Results

Satisfaction and engagement drivers include local government management, parks and recreation, sustainability, taxes and Burnsville's vision.

Infographic of survey satisfaction drivers including taxes, sustainability, management, safety

There were three themes in survey comments on what residents like most about Burnsville.

  1. Parks: People love the parks and outdoor recreation opportunities.
  2. Location: Residents are happy that they are close to big cities and have easy access to main highways.
  3. Convenience: The ease of travel to different places and activities like the zoo, airport, major cities and shopping.

When it comes to prioritizing enhancements for future budget and planning, common comment themes included:

  1. Eager to see improved school ratings and programs for kids to engage in.
  2. Mentions of the taste of water and perceived quality.
  3. Road improvements within City limits.

Burnsville exceeds benchmarks for similar sized cities in the midwest and at a national level in key areas including public safety, transportation, city management, events and parks.

Bar graph showing Burnsville survey results compared to midwest and national benchmarks

When it comes to community image, residents place an emphasis on activities for children and older adults, local businesses, amenities for visitors, our sustainability efforts, biking and walking, and feel that Burnsville is a place that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness.

Icons representing age range, travel, business, sustainability, mobility and diversity

A Quick Look at Key Business Survey Results

Satisfaction and engagement drivers include local government management, location, regulatory environment, a collaborative environment and Burnsville's vision.

Infographic for business survey satisfaction drivers including location, management, collaboration

There were three themes in survey comments on things Burnsville does well to attract and retain business.

  1. Location: Easy access to consumers in surrounding suburbs
  2. Community: Programs and events in the City keep businesses feeling involved and able to assist the community itself
  3. Affordability: Businesses are able to expand their reach and contributions to the surrounding area without breaking the bank

When it comes to prioritizing future improvements, businesses find the most value in these common themes:

  1. Roads: Road improvements would help the area feel better maintained
  2. Police: Increase efforts to keep the area crime free and safe
  3. Taxes: Continued focus on value for taxes paid