Report Housing Discrimination

Under State and Federal laws it is illegal for a landlord or home seller to treat people differently in a housing situation because of their race, religion, sex, family status, sexual orientation or use of public assistance. You have rights if you feel you are facing discrimination.

If you think you are being treated poorly because of your race, religion, sexual orientation or other factors contact the Minnesota Department of Human Rights immediately.

File a Complaint

The following resources can assist if you feel that your rights to clean, safe and fair housing have been violated.

Other Resources

[Video] How to File a Housing Discrimination Complaint

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has created this video that explains what you can do if you feel you've been discriminated against in housing, and the steps in the complaint process.

Contact Us

The City of Burnsville does not take or investigate housing discrimination complaints, but if you have questions about the above resources contact the City's Fair Housing Officer at 952-895-4467.