Safety Action Plan

Safe access across our city and for all types of transportation is a critical component of the design and physical connection of our transportation options. In 2021, the City Council supported and approved a series of plans, policies, and guidelines that promoted traffic and transportation safety for all transportation modes.  

The City’s Multi-Modal Plan was formed with active community engagement and participation. The completed plan provides the City with a blueprint for completing the City’s multi-modal network based on the prioritization established in the plan. Companion documents to the Multi-Modal Plan are the Complete Streets Policy, the Traffic Calming Policy, and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Guidelines. Together, this series collectively make up the City’s Safety Action Plan.

  • The Complete Streets Policy demonstrates the City’s commitment to providing safe travel for people of all ages and abilities, regardless of mode of transportation.  
  • The Traffic Calming Policy provides an opportunity for neighborhood residents to actively participate to initiate transportation safety improvements in their neighborhoods.  
  • The Pedestrian and Bicycle Guidelines is a design document to assist engineers and designers in making decisions related to making pedestrian and bicycle improvements.  

Multi-Modal Study and Complete Streets Policy

Improving active transportation for a healthier, safer and more vibrant Burnsville.

As the City of Burnsville continues along its path as a healthy, safe and vibrant community, it requires multi-modal planning efforts that represent the current voices and needs of its people. To develop a more inclusive transportation system and meet the objectives of the Sustainability Guide Plan and 2040 Comprehensive Plan, the city:

  • Established a Multi-Modal Plan to identify gaps, barriers and opportunities in the City's walking and biking networks and to prioritize resources based on community needs such as equity, safety and accessibility. 
  • Developed of a complete streets policy to demonstrate the community's commitment to supporting safe travel for people of all ages and abilities, regardless of mode of transportation.

View the full City of Burnsville Multi-Modal Plan (final October 2021)

Complete Streets Policy

Pedestrian and Bicycle Design Guidelines

Traffic Calming Policy

Bike Lanes

On-street bike lanes are a cost-effective way to complete gaps in the City’s bike network. While trails might be preferred, the cost of constructing them is much higher than utilizing existing streets and striping a lane for bikes.

In 2018, the City completed an On-Street Bike Lane study.  If you would like to view the study, please click on the link below:

2018 On-Street Bike Lane Study

Dedicated Bike Lane

The City has several on-street bike lane projects currently in development:

Completed:  Travelers Trail

Eagle Ridge Drive to Parkwood Drive

View Travelers Trail Map (PDF)

Completed:  Lac Lavon Drive

County Road 42 to County Road 46

View Lac Lavon Map (PDF)

Completed:  River Hills Drive

Cliff Road to Highway 13

View River Hills Map (PDF)