Parks Plan

The Future of Burnsville Parks and Recreation

We are taking a strategic approach to meet the variety of needs of our community when it comes to providing opportunities for connection and enjoyment of the outdoors. We are excited to begin the process of updating our parks, trails, and recreation master plan. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas and experiences with our parks.

Your feedback and thoughts are a vital part of this process. All the information provided through the four different platforms are now being compiled and organized. We will share the results of our engagement efforts in early 2024 as we move into the next phase of this planning.

Thank you for helping us prioritize the development, activation and maintenance of these spaces and provide all citizens of Burnsville with a park system that reflects the wants and needs of our community. 

Burnsville Parks & Recreation System Master Plan

Burnsville's current master plan was developed and adopted in 2017 as a guide for the following 5-10 years. As our city continues to evolve, we want to make sure we are still on the right path to best serve our community. We are excited to re-engage with the community on this project and for the future of our parks.

View the current Master Plan (PDF)