Streetscape Operation and Maintenance

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Burnsville's Heart of the City (HOC) area was redeveloped beginning in 1999. The mixed-use area around Nicollet Avenue and Burnsville Parkway is part of a "Streetscape Operation and Maintenance" assessment area. 

Special assessments in this area used on aesthetic improvements such as irrigation systems, concrete pavers and/or colored concrete sidewalks, streetlight banners, boulevard/median turf, trees and shrubs and other plantings.

Calculating Streetscape Special Assessments

Because these types of improvements are above and beyond normal City street costs, adjacent property owners in this area are assessed 50 percent of the annual operation and maintenance costs. (The City of Burnsville funds the other 50 percent.)  

Existing Streetscape Areas: 

  • Burnsville Parkway – Aldrich Ave to Eagle Ridge Dr
  • Travelers Trail – Nicollet Ave east to Eagle Ridge Dr
  • 125th Street – Nicollet Ave to Burnsville Parkway 
  • 1st Avenue – Travelers Trail to the end of 1st Ave 
  • 126th Street – Nicollet Ave to Pillsbury Ave
  • Nicollet Avenue – Trunk Highway 13 to 134th St
  • Pillsbury Avenue – Burnsville Parkway to 126th St

The Heart of the City streetscape areas were completed in two phases, both with different types of improvements.Each phase is assessed at 50 percent of the eligible operation and maintenance costs for that area.