You Belong in Burnsville

City of Burnsville Logo with tagline stating You Belong Here

You Belong Here. 

Seems like a simple sentiment. But the reality is that it goes much deeper.

The City received feedback from more than 1,400 people about what they admired about our community. We continually heard things like, “Burnsville is a friendly, welcoming community open for anyone and everyone” and “Burnsville is welcoming, forward-looking, inclusive.”

At the heart of Burnsville is a deep sense of belonging. Families belong here. Culture belongs here. Businesses belong here.  

You Belong Here.

You Belong Here Song Contest

The City of Burnsville and The Garage invited local musicians and vocal artists to create original songs with a Burnsville theme. The song lyrics of each submission had to include the name ‘Burnsville’ and the phrase ‘You Belong Here. Congratulations to Shannon and Ben Honken for their winning song produced in 2020! 

And check out our new You Belong Here music video released in March 2021!

Business Belongs Here

We’re here to help new and expanding businesses navigate incentives and programs, workforce challenges and collaborative partnerships.Small white arrow pointing right

Rendering of the Burnsville Center Village Vision Plan

Nicollet Commons Park in the spring

Development Belongs Here

With a clear vision for the future with opportunities like Burnsville Center Village, our team can connect you with your next great development.

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Achievement Belongs Here

Check out the diverse and transformative education provided by Burnsville’s school districts, including the one-of-a-kind Pathways Program. 
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A school-aged girl works on a robotics project

Two small children skiing in winter

You Belong Here

With some of the most affordable housing in the metro, unique dining and cultural experiences, more than 75 parks and trails, and year-round skiing at Buck Hill, you belong in Burnsville!
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