Street Improvement Program

Pothole Filling vs. Designated Street Improvement Projects

We address potholes on an ongoing basis throughout the entire city. If you see a pothole in Burnsville, bring it to our attention. You can easily share the location with us through our Report a Concern portal (also available on the myBurnsville app for Android and Apple devices).

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Report a Pothole or Other Service Need

Report a Concern allows you to share issues that require attention from our teams such as potholes, street damage, streetlight or traffic signal outages, graffiti, a damaged street sign or broken park equipment.

Our annual street improvement projects address more involved work to keep Burnsville roads in good condition.

Identifying & Prioritizing Street Improvements

The City of Burnsville improves a select number of local streets each year. The selected streets are identified annually in the five-year Capital Improvement Plan (PDF). Improvements are prioritized based on factors such as age, street condition, utilities condition and the type of street. 

Every three years, data is collected from all City roads by a vendor with specialized vehicle cameras and assigned a rating called Pavement Condition Index (PCI) which ranges from 0 for the worst possible condition to 100 for a brand new street. This year, 2023, marks the next cycle of evaluation and will occur this summer to help guide and budget for future street improvement needs.

This PCI rating is used as a starting point for our five-year plan. In the spring, engineering and maintenance staff discuss initial priorities, budget concerns and to do a spring drive-around to the streets within the five year plan (and other areas that may be added). The next five-year plan is finalized based on the drive-around conditions, available funding and any project work planned for adjacent areas.

Street reconstruction and reclamation are generally chosen for streets in poor condition. Street rehabilitation is generally chosen for streets in moderate condition.


  • Rehabilitation work is less expensive than reconstruction work, so our goal is to invest in a street's rehabilitation before it deteriorates to needing more intensive work
  • Working in partnership with upcoming County and Regional projects helps to avoid unnecessary construction traffic situations  
  • Collaborating with utility companies helps us better plan for work that might affect our street improvement program

When the City constructs, improves or maintains our streets, property owners who have a direct benefit from this improvement may be charged a special assessment to cover all or a portion of the cost of the project. 

Street Improvement Strategies

  1. Reconstruction
  2. Reclamation
  3. Rehabilitation

Learn More About Reconstruction

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Street Improvement Process Overview

At the Jan. 10, 2023 City Council Work Session, City Engineer Jen Desrude presented an overview of the street improvement process. Watch the video below to learn more about how Burnsville cares for its roadways.

2024 Street Improvements Map


2023 Street Improvements Map

  1. Logan Vlasaty

    City Engineer