Off-Street Parking Lots

Proposed Updates to Off-Street Parking Requirements

The City working on updating its off-street (parking lot) standards and requirements. The process, which began in 2019, included receiving feedback from developers and business owners; reviewing both local and national trends and best practices; and staff research.

Proposed changes are meant to modernize Burnsville’s off-street parking requirements to become more pedestrian and transit friendly; update development policies so that they no longer result in large and often underutilized parking lots; and provide flexibility for new uses on current underutilized parking.

Goals of the Update

  • Bring an outdated parking ordinance in line with current and modern best practices
  • Reduce regulatory and administrative barriers to development
  • Offer increased flexibility with development requirements when they align with City goals and policies
  • Work toward the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan priority of reducing paved surfaces within the City while still meeting user demand for parking

Icon of computer mouse pointer clicking Opens in new windowFeedback Needed

The City has created a story map to help describe the proposed off-street parking ordinance changes and goals.

Click Here to View the Story Map and Take the Survey
(please note: the story map will not work in Internet Explorer)

The survey is open through Tuesday, Jan. 28.
A public hearing will be held at the Burnsville Planning Commission on Monday, Feb. 10 at 6:30 p.m.

Questions? Email or call 952-895-4424.

Cars parked in a shopping center parking lot

**This process specifically focuses on areas outside the Heart of the City. For information on the Heart of the City area related to Transit Oriented Development visit