Cliff Road Trail Project

Project Overview

The City of Burnsville is proposing new multi-use trail on the north side of Cliff Road from Highway 13 to connect to an existing trail at Cinnamon Ridge Trail in Eagan. The approximate length of the new trail is 0.75 miles and the trail will be a 10-foot wide bituminous trail for use by pedestrians and bicyclists. While there is a trail on the south side of Cliff Road, there is no trail on the north side and users currently either walk in the grass or on the shoulder. In 2018, the City received Federal grant funding to complete the trail gap on the north side of Cliff Road between TH-13 and the Eagan border. The City of Burnsville is partnering with Dakota County to complete this gap.




Click Construction Bulletin for a printable pdf version with more information. 

This project is substantially complete - the remaining items are:

  • Installation of the fence on top of the big block wall 
  • Minor restoration work
  • Trail maintenance items
Cliff Road Trail Rendering