Bring It In - Take It Out

In order to fiscally responsible with tax payer dollars, the City of Burnsviile is continually looking for new and innovative ways to partner with the community to save money, operate effectively and support sustainability efforts. 

Our Parks team continues those effects with our new Bring It In - Take It Out program. Trash cans have been removed from some of our smaller parks and we ask visitors to take their trash with them when they leave, reducing the strain on limited resources and increasing the beauty of the parks.

Benefits of the Bring It In - Take It Out trash-free parks program:

  • Foster a partnership between visitors and the parks by encouraging all visitors to help maintain clean parks
  • Improve the appearance of the parks by removing trash cans that detracted from the beauty of the natural environment - trash cans are not pretty
  • Encourage visitors to bring reusable containers and to recycle as much as possible - use reusable bottles
  • Increase the safety and enjoyability of your visit by reducing the number of bees, wasps and other flying inspects or pests in the picnic and play areas
  • Reduction in staff driving including less fuel usage and emissions to support our sustainability efforts
  • Better allocation of staff resources and increased efficiency
  • Cost savings

Your partnership in this program means cleaner parks for everyone. Thank you for supporting Burnsville Parks.

How are parks selected for this program?

  1. Parks with limited amenities, typically those with only a single amenity such as a playground or court but not multiple play areas
  2. Generally neighborhood parks without a parking lot - these parks typically do not attract large gatherings and are used by those living in the area making it more likely that if you brought in materials, you can bring them back out
  3. Parks with very low usage of the garbage/recycling bins were selected for this program. If bins typically have heavy use, they were not chosen for this initiative. 
Take It In Take It Out park sign

How do I know if my neighborhood park is part of this program?

Look for the Bring It In - Take It Out signs in area parks, educational signage in some areas and the removal of trash bins.