City Code Update

The City of Burnsville has started a citizens-involved process to update the entire City Code with the goal of transitioning to easy-to-understand language, cleaning up outdated content and simplifying the process to eliminate unnecessary barriers. 

We welcome your thoughts on the City Code if you live or work in Burnsville! The Code Review Task Force will take your comments into consideration as they are reviewing the City Code for a full update. 

Upcoming Task Force Discussions:

  • 8/25/21 meeting 
    • Title 1, Chapters 1-6: Administrative Chapters
  • 9/29/21 meeting 
    • Title 1, Chapters 7-12: Elections, Special Assessments, Certain Funds
    • Title 2: Boards, Commissions and Departments
  • 10/27/21 meeting 
    • Title 3, Chapters 1-11, 17-19: Business Regulations, Liquor

What is a City Code?

City Code refers to the laws or rules created specific to a city or other municipality designed to keep the community safe, minimize conflicts and guide development.

Current Burnsville City Code

Why is Burnsville considering an update to the City Code?

City Code language can be confusing and we want to make it as easy as possible to understand.

Earlier this year, we asked Burnsville community members to share their perspective and make an impact on Burnsville as members of the Code Review Task Force. Our priority was to enlist voices across the community from all backgrounds and experiences to be part of this process. 

This committee will meet regularly and work with the City Manager, City Attorney and staff experts to research and advise on a full update of the City Code* resulting in clear and effective city laws.

*The zoning portion of the City Code update will be guided by the Planning Commission due to state law and city ordinance requirements.

Why is the Zoning portion of the City Code under a separate review?

In efforts to maintain a well-designed community, the City is including it’s existing Zoning Ordinance in this process to be more flexible and user-friendly for our residents and businesses. Zoning covers permitted uses, building setbacks to property lines, size and height requirements, parking rules and landscaping standards.

The Burnsville zoning code involves complex and technical information paired with extensive research. Under state law and city ordinance, the Planning Commission provides recommendations on zoning and subdivision matters. For this reason, we are relying on the experience of our Planning Commission and City Staff in partnership with the experts at WSB & Associates, Inc. to take the lead on this portion and will be reviewing and providing recommendations to Title 10 (Zoning) and Title 11 (Subdivision).

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