Tenant Resources

New to renting?

First time renters are encouraged to take the Renter 101 Course offered by the University of Minnesota Extension. Learn about the ins and outs of the rental process to help save money and headaches. This course is free and does not require registration. 

Tenant Legal Resources

All tenants and landlords should know what the law requires of them and the legal processes to resolve conflicts. The Minnesota Attorney General's Office provides guidance on legal protections.

Legal Services

  • Homeline provides free and low-cost legal services to tenants to resolve rental issues.   

Vacating your apartment

When your lease is ending or you are transferring to another state for a new job the Minnesota Attorney General’s office offer a guide to help navigate the process.

Rental Assistance Programs

The Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) offers a variety of rental assistance programs to residents of Dakota County.

Landlord Resources

Rental Licensing

The City requires rental properties be licensed to help ensure owners, operators and managers are taking reasonable steps to provide a safe, secure and sanitary environment for tenants and neighboring residents. Licenses are only issued after an initial inspection of the property has taken place – and can be withheld if a property does not meet minimum health, safety and building codes. Rental properties will also be inspected periodically to ensure that the buildings are maintained properly.

More information on the City's Rental Licensing program

Apply for a Single Family Rental License or a Short Term Rental License

Report Housing Discrimination

Under State and Federal laws it is illegal for a landlord or home seller to treat people differently in a housing situation because of their race, religion, sex, family status, sexual orientation or use of public assistance. You have rights if you feel you are facing discrimination.