Residential Project Environmental Assessment Worksheet

The EAW was published in the Environmental Quality Board Monitor List on June 13, 2023 and the public comment period was open for 30 days. The City received comments from the US Army Corp of Engineers, Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Council, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and the Minnesota Department of Administration- State Historic Preservation Office. Written responses to those comments were provided and reviewed by the City. The City Council adopted a Resolution at their regular meeting on August 8, 2023 that further environmental review is not necessary. The Resolution outlined the decision that the EAW and related documents for the MWF Properties Burnsville Residential Project was sufficient, that the project does not have the potential for significant environmental effects, and that further study through an Environmental Impact Statement was not required. 
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State Requirement:

By State Statute, an EAW is required for residential development if the total number of units that may ultimately be developed on contiguous land exceeds 375 units. At the time the first two buildings were approved for construction, it was not known that the Village at Pleasant Avenue Phase II site (VAPA II) would be available for redevelopment as it contained condo-office buildings. The developer has reached an agreement with the owners of the town office site, and has prepared the mandatory EAW for the new proposed units. When counting the new proposed 110 units, the statute requires that this number be added to the number of units that have been developed in the last three years – which brings the total number of units above the 375 unit threshold. The EAW will review the proposed VAPA II site as well as two potential sites close in proximity to the core MWF development.