Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management

Burnsville has a well-developed storm sewer system designed to manage stormwater runoff. This system helps prevent flooding and other problems but can also contribute to water pollution. Stormwater is not filtered before it enters our waterbodies — it carries anything that it encounters into lakes, ponds and wetlands.

Stormwater and Water Quality

This video outlines how the storm sewer system works, how it relates to water pollution and what residents can do to keep local lakes and ponds healthy.

Publications & Documents

Report Potential Water Quality Issues

Illegal Dumping

An illicit discharge is any illegal dumping into the storm drain or local waterbody, or an illegal pipe connection to the storm drain system.

To report illicit discharges call Public Works at 952-895-4550 or fill out an online request.

Construction Sites 

Erosion: Construction sites must work to prevent sediment, mud and sand from washing into drainage ways, adjacent properties and roadways.

Concrete Washouts: Concrete trucks are required to use a designated washout area which will be properly signed and protected by an impermeable barrier.

To report suspected issues at construction sites, email Walter Ehresmann at 952-895-4463.