Lakes & Ponds

Nearly 300 bodies of water, from small ponds to large lakes, exist within Burnsville. The City's Water Resources Management Plan (PDF) and Wetland Protection & Management Plan (PDF) guide many of the decisions for these water resources.

For more information about water resources, including water quality monitoring, storm water management and boating rules, click the links on the left.

Burnsville lake in fall

Water Recreation


Watercraft rules vary among Burnsville's lakes and ponds. See the boating rules section for more information.


In ponds and lakes, swimming is allowed only in designated swimming areas. A public swimming beach is located at Crystal Beach Park.


Minnesota Fishing Regulations apply in all Burnsville lakes and ponds. Visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for more information or download the Minnesota Fishing Regulations Booklet (PDF). Learn more about potential fishing spots and other outdoor recreation opportunities in Experience Nature.

Duck Feeding Prohibited

Feeding of waterfowl such as ducks and geese is not allowed. The presence of food pollutes the water and attracts unwanted pests such as rodents and insects. Feeding is also unhealthy for waterfowl. When ducks and geese gather in groups, they leave behind droppings and spread disease to each other.

Interactive Map: Lake & Pond Regulations

If you own property on a lake or pond, be aware that regulations may restrict or require a permit for certain activities. Learn more about the different regulations for lakes ponds and wetlands, including when you need a permit and how to apply.

Use the interactive Map of Lake & Pond Regulations to see which regulations apply to which Burnsville lakes, ponds and wetlands.

 Web Map - Lake and Pond Regulations - Wetlands - close up Opens in new window

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