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The City of Burnsville posts information regarding current advertisements for bids, and the results from previous bids on QuestCDN.

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Request for Proposal

Pre-Design of Burnsville City Hall/Police and Maintenance Buildings

The City of Burnsville recently completed a space needs study for the City Hall/Police and Maintenance facilities. As a next step, the City is now seeking proposals from qualified architectural and design firms to perform a pre-design for these buildings. 

The selected firm will work with City of Burnsville staff and decision makers to identify needs and develop options that ensure a high efficiency workplace. Plan options must give flexibility to adapt to future needs, looking out at least 20 years. The consultant will analyze space requirements, identify the constraints and maximum opportunities of the existing sites, develop a Program and Schematic Design which describes all the rooms and spaces for the project, their sizes and specific features, cost estimating, and project phasing. It is essential that the analysis be conducted in a transparent manner and involve the operations staff to the appropriate degree.

Visit project page for background details of buildings


City staff have identified eight guiding principles to serve as the foundation for the planning process: Welcoming to the Community, Efficient and Effective, Clear Communication, Sustainable, Functional and Flexible, Healthy, Safe and Fiscally Responsible.  

Key study objectives include:

  • Design welcoming, well-organized facilities oriented to serving our community and promoting inclusion and belonging 
  • Engage project stakeholders during all architectural and design phases
  • Design high-quality facilities that reflect our values of innovation, collaboration and excellence
  • Design a building plan and site plan that is functional for current services and flexible for future changes to services
  • Ensure design uses LEED as a guide for design elements
  • Design meets or exceeds requirements for ADA, building and zoning codes, and wellness goals
  • Design spaces that are safe, secure and welcoming while providing a great public experience


Facility Information

Please provide six original copies and one electronic copy of your responses to this Request for Proposal. Following the review of the received Requests for Proposals by the City, firms may be contacted for additional information or to participate in an interview process. 

Submission Timeline: These copies are to be received at the offices of the City of Burnsville no later than 4 p.m. on Sept. 2 

Proposals should be directed and delivered to: 

City of Burnsville - Municipal Facilities Pre-Design
Attn: Garrett Beck
100 Civic Center Parkway 
Burnsville, MN 55337 

Please direct questions in writing to Garrett Beck at 

Purchasing Requirements

The City of Burnsville follows Minnesota State Statute in regard to bidding requirements for municipal contracts. The current statute states:

  • Bid amounts of $175,000
    • The City of Burnsville is required to use a formal, sealed and competitive bidding process per the State of Minnesota's Uniform Municipal contracting Law Chapter 471.345.
  • Bid amounts of less than $175,000
    • A formal bid is not required.
    • Local governments must receive at least two quotes.
    • City may still choose to use formal sealed and competitive bidding process at its discretion.
  • Small Purchases
    • City of Burnsville departments are authorized to make small purchases up to $4,999.

Equal Opportunity

The City of Burnsville's policy is to provide equal opportunities to contractors and subcontractors in the purchase of products and services.

Alternative Dissemination of Bids & Requests

This page is maintained as an alternative means to disperse public requests for bids, requests for proposals and requests for information per Minnesota State Statutes 331A.03 Subd. 3. Alternative dissemination of bids and requests