Rain Gardens

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a shallow depression dug into the ground that captures rainwater and snowmelt running off hard surfaces. They reduce the volume of water that enters the storm sewer system and ultimately enters local waterbodies. Rain gardens not only reduce pollution from street runoff and infiltrate water back into the ground, but they also enhance home landscaping.

Rain Garden Resources

Attend an in-person workshop

Learn how to design and construct a rain garden, through the Landscaping for Clean Water Workshop, hosted annually in the spring by the Dakota County Soil & Water Conservation District.

Apply for a grant  

Burnsville residents can apply for a grant to help fund a rain garden or other water quality improvement project on their property. Learn more about the Neighborhood Water Resources Enhancement Grant.

Find information online

Install a rain barrel

Rain barrels collect rainwater from your roof downspouts. This helps protect lakes, ponds, and rivers by reducing rainwater runoff. A major benefit is that you can use the collected water for your garden and potted plants. Several styles of rain barrels are available for purchase, or you can build your own rain barrel.

Learn about City rain garden projects