Property Maintenance

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Code Cash

Our exclusive Code Cash Home Improvement Grant is available to qualified residents to help remedy minor property code violations. These are 50% match grants, up to $2,000, to help those who have received a property maintenance code violation from the City and meet at least two additional qualifying factors: 

  • be of socio-economic disadvantage
  • be a Senior (65+) or have a disability
  • received a maintenance code violation that is a risk to life/safety.

If you've received a code violation for your home and meet the above qualifications, you can apply online for Code Cash.

Property Maintenance & Neighborhood Services

The City of Burnsville has ordinances in place that help ensure homes and other property are well-maintained, safe and don’t impact the quality of life of others in a neighborhood.

Code Enforcement Process

When properties do not meet the standards outlined in the City Code, the City may issue a Notice of Violation requesting that the violation(s) be addressed. If the problem is not fixed within a specified period of time, the City may then issue an Administrative Citation.

Administrative Citations & Appeals

If you would like to request an administrative appeal hearing regarding a code violation, re-inspection fee, or corrective license action pursuant to City Code Section 1-4-7, you must submit this Appeal Form and the appropriate filing fee to the City Clerk's Office within 14 calendar days of receiving an Administrative Citation.

Keeping Burnsville a clean and attractive place to live takes every resident’s effort. Make sure your property is in compliance with these common property maintenance issues.