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The Burnsville Police Department needs your help in reporting suspicious activity. Some people fail to call because they are not aware of what is considered suspicious. Others notice suspicious activity and assume someone else will call. Still, others fail to call because they feel they are bothering the police.

Don't be afraid to call 9-1-1...

We encourage everyone to call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY if they feel a situation or circumstance is suspicious. DO NOT think you are bothering the police; this is why we are here! DO NOT be embarrassed if your suspicions prove unfounded. Call 9-1-1 any time you need police, fire or an ambulance to respond for ANY REASON.

Reasons to Call 9-1-1

  • Someone needs police, fire or medical assistance
  • To report an incident such as a traffic accident, burglary, theft, property damage, parking complaint, ordinance violation or animal control issue
  • To report signs of fire such as smoke or alarms
  • Alarms are sounding or glass is being broken
  • Someone is loitering around or peering into cars
  • Slow moving vehicles (at night without lights) driving aimlessly.
  • Apparent business transactions being conducted from a vehicle
  • Someone seen being forced into a vehicle
  • Abandoned vehicle parked on your block
  • Someone seen with a weapon
  • Someone loitering, entering or leaving a business before or after hours

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