Post Season Tournaments & Registrations


The City of Burnsville uses the Minnesota USSSA and USSSA (national) for all its post season tournament needs. Any team at any level is welcome and encouraged to participate in a Minnesota USSSA post season tournament. They offer different state tournaments serving teams in categories such as Men's B/C, D competitive, D recreational, E, Women's Open, Women's D, Mixed C, Mixed D, Church, and the Men's Minnesota Conference Tournament, and Fall. You can visit their website to find out where and when tournaments will be offered in 2022. Simply click this link to get to their website and then select "Regional and State Tournaments" on the left - Minnesota USSSA Homepage 

Registering Your Team For Post Season Play

If your team decides to participate in a post season tournament there are several action items that need to be accomplished to make that happen.

  1. A payment (cash or check) payable to the City of Burnsville must be received for the appropriate amount indicated on the form by JULY 8 for summer teams and SEPT. 15 for fall teams.
  2. The payment needs to be accompanied by a document that indicates your team name, and the specific tournament (as listed on the Minnesota USSSA website) that you would like to be registered for. For the document click here- MRPA State Registration Form (PDF)
  3. Your team roster must be put online to participate in any post season tournament at To learn how to do this step please visit the "Adult League Roster Form" tab on the left.

Registered Teams for 2022 Post Season Tournaments

If you have paid the City of Burnsville for a post season tournament, please find your name on the below list and confirm that I have placed you in the appropriate category. Minnesota USSSA works directly with the team manager on brackets which is usually the Monday or Tuesday before your tournament starts.