Why should I pre-register?
Voting will be faster and easier if you are registered to vote when you arrive at the polls on Election Day. You can register on Election Day; however, you will need to bring proofs of residency with you. You may also register to vote online (20 days prior to the election) at www.mnvotes.org.www.mnvotes.org

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1. Who is eligible to vote?
2. How do I register to vote?
3. What if I have changed my name or address since I last registered?
4. Why should I pre-register?
5. How do I register on Election Day?
6. Can I take time off of work to vote?
7. What if I cannot get to the polls on Election Day?
8. Can I get assistance if I am disabled?
9. What if I am not registered but still want to cast an absentee ballot?
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