Do I have to pay to be licensed?
Yes. The ordinance requires ALL rental property owners/managers pay an annual rental license fee.

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1. Why do I need to license my rental unit/property?
2. Do I need a license to rent my single family home, townhome, condominium or manufactured home?
3. Do I need a license to rent a room in my home?
4. If I live in my home part-time (i.e. I'm a snowbird), do I need a license to rent while I'm away?
5. I've been forced to relocate due to a job or another reason. My son, daughter, or another relative now stays in my home to care for it. Do I need a license?
6. I'm in the military and have been deployed. I would like to rent my home while away, do I need a license?
7. Do I need a license to rent my manufactured home?
8. Do nursing homes, assisted and independent living homes and group homes need to be licensed?
9. Do I have to pay to be licensed?
10. How much does a rental license cost?
11. When do I pay for the rental license?
12. I don't have an existing rental license, but am renting out my property. What do I do?
13. What if I rent a property without a license?
14. How do I get licensed?
15. Will my rental require an inspection?
16. What will the inspector be looking for?
17. How long does an inspection take?
18. Will I be fined if I have a code violation?
19. How long will I have to fix any violations?
20. Can I repair a known issue before an inspection?
21. Will I have to pay for subsequent inspections if I have code violations?
22. What happens after I submit my rental license application and fee?
23. What if I don't remedy my violations by the time specified?
24. Is mandatory training required for rental licenses?
25. Will I be required to complete any Minnesota Crime Free Multi-Housing training?
26. Who do I contact with questions about the rental licensing ordinance?