Why do my hydrants need to be inspected?
Reliability. A number of private hydrants do not operate properly when used by the Burnsville Fire Department. It is important that all fire hydrants (both public and private) work when they are needed.

Burnsville is home to close to 1,300 private hydrants. There is a greater potential of loss of property and life at commercial and multi-unit residential properties with private hydrants.

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1. How do I know if I have private hydrants on my property?
2. Why do my hydrants need to be inspected?
3. How often must hydrants be inspected?
4. Can I do the inspection myself?
5. What if the hydrants on my property are already inspected yearly by a licensed inspector?
6. What if I don't get my hydrants inspected, or I want the City to contract for the inspection of hydrants on my property?
7. Do I have to pay for the City to inspect my hydrants? And if so, how much?